Our Story

Steel City Systems Consulting (SC2) was started to cater to the small and medium sized businesses in the Pittsburgh and surrounding area that while not having a dedicated Information Technology Staff still have a need for affordable IT services.

When SC2 was starting out we looked at the availablity of affordable, quality IT services from both the big box stores, and the local consulting providers and found it was either affordable but lacking in the quality a customer should expect, or so expensive that the service was priced out of the reach of the many businesses.

SC2 was founded with the intention of delivering high quality IT services at a cost that won’t break your budget.  Steel City can see to all of your needs from pc (more…)

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Small Business Services

Steel City Systems Consulting works with clients of all sizes, from a few workstations to the Fortune 500.  We specialize in working with small businesses, because we ARE a small business.  We understand the needs and challenges that a small business has to overcome in the worrld of information technology.   A majority of our clients have a single server and 20 or fewer workstations. We know how to cost effectively support small business, and allow you to grow your business.

We offer web and email hosting, web development and customized consulting services..

We support both hardware and software, such as Dell, Microsoft, HP, Cisco, and IBM just to name a few.   We can also custom craft systems, from workstations to servers, to meet your specific needs. (more…)

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Home Services

Having issues with your home computer? Steel City Systems Consulting has a range of services tailored for you!

We can setup a time to come right to your home to diagnose, repair and optimize your PC with a price and  quality service that a squad of geeks can’t match . Our technicians are not “geeks”, they are profesionals with the certifications and knowhow you can’t get by running to your local applicance/movie/tv/computer store.

Did you recently purchase a new computer and want it setup and configured? SC2 will come and setup your PC with no fuss, no hassle, and pricing that shows that geeks aren’t always a “best buy”.

Contact us for pricing or to schedule a visit.

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